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  • HOKK API Development

    APIs calculating the total supply, circulating supply, holders and burnt amount. Alongside a Reflection calculator is both a requirement for us to fix Coinbase Wallet, while also giving us the ability to add extra features to our website. This way our holders can track the tokenomics of the project, alongside being able to track the…

  • Axelar Bridge

    Integration of Axelar into the OG contract has been achieved as of March 31 2024. This is a proxy contract on L2’s Base that is paired to the original HOKK on Ethereum. The idea here was to allow small buyers that could not afford high ETH fees to have a way to access Hokkaidu Inu,…

  • Uniswap + Trustwallet

    n order to fix Trustwallet and bring our logo and socials back to Uniswap, we raised up ~700 USD in funding towards paying the fee for a github pull request, allowing us to bring the logo and functionality back to those services. This was done to make HOKK more accessible, and trustworthy. As it used…

  • Multi-sig Wallet

    A Multi-Sig wallet allows for the accumulation of funds to be used towards meeting the project development, CEX listing or marketing funds requirements, while spreading the trust or power over the community wallet across different actors, lessening the ability of a single bad faith actor to exploit the trust of the community

  • CMC Listing

    CMC listing was a necessary requirement in order to give legitimacy to the project, and help us solve some core issues in Hokkaidu. Bringing up-to-date socials there, allowing for larger reach. Cost: 5000 USD for Fast-Track

  • Concept Ideation for Storytelling

    One of the key approaches with Hokkaidu Inu, is turning the project in more than just a token: A Character, we want to tell Hokkaidu Inu’s history through the eyes of the Mascot, HOKK. Using narrative storytelling to create a compelling story that reflects on the events that occured, and the crypto space as a…

  • BitStorage Listing

    This was a gift from a community member, it’s small dex that allows Hokkaidu Inu to be traded with fairly small fees, this was not necessary but it costs us nothing

  • Coingecko Listing

    Coingecko is a key token listing platform from which many other sites rely for information. Hence, listing Hokkaidu Inu once again on Coingecko alongside our new logo was a key part of fixing the foundation. The costs is free.

  • Fix Token Trackers

    Updating socials was key in bringing more trust towards our efforts, as many of these sites would link to communities that were no longer active, some even labelled as a scam. Thus, all of these websites were contacted to have the social information updated.

  • Roadmap Planning

    A Roadmap is am compass, a guiding principle. It helps HOKK by communicating the vision clearly to the team, community and investors. It sets priorities, and goals worth putting time, effort and funding towards. The Roadmap projects Hokkaidu Inu’s till the completion of ”Stage 1” which should cover everything up until the point HOKK returns…